Does God love me as much as He has loved Israel ?

I was baffled with the question, “does God love me as much as He has loved Israel ?”, as I watched the waters part when Moses lifted his staff as God commanded, that timeless scene from the Disney classic, ‘Prince of Egypt’.

The way God led Israel out of the bondage of slavery from Egypt has always intrigued me and the reality of it will never fully sink in.

Actual red sea crossing at Nuwayba Al Muzayyinah1. The bible records 600 000 fighting men which according to scholars, puts the population of Israel over 2 500 000 and cattle alongside. This meant that travelling several persons abreast and if on average one person crossed every second, day and night for twenty four hours a day, 2 500 000 people would take up to 29 days to cross. Intriguing ?

2. It is not practical nor is it accurate to assume that the wind blew a narrow channel through the sea, which puts us here : As one scholar orates – “Though in fairly close marching formation, such a group, along with what wagons they had, their baggage, and their cattle, even when rather closely ranked, would occupy an area of perhaps 8 sq km (3 sq mi) or more. It appears, therefore, that the sea-opening allowed the Israelites to cross on a fairly wide front. If there was about a 1.5-km (1 mi) front, then the depth of the Israelite column would probably be about 5 km (3 mi) or more. If it was about a 2.5-km (1.5 mi) front, the depth might be about 3 km (2 mi) or more. It would take such a column several hours to get into the seabed and travel across it”.

Nuweiba Al Muzayyinah which literally translates - Waters of Moses opening

Nuweiba Al Muzayyinah which literally translates – Waters of Moses opening

The wind did not blow a narrow channel of dry land in the midst of the sea, it was well over 2.5 km wide for the Israelites to have crossed it in one night ! This is just one instance, God did so much more that day, including taking the wheels of the egyptian chariots off, I believe it is needless to look into the analysis of that and many other such instances throughout the history of Israel. This one is more than sufficient and is enough proof of the fury of God’s love for Israel.(Exodus 14)

How much did He love Israel ?

Israel has been favoured and loved of, and, by God throughout history above all else and to the commonwealth of Israel, we are aliens, gentiles, heathens, pagans and the lesser mortals, lower than the people of Samaria who were referred to as ‘dogs’.

How much did He love Israel that He sought them out even before He came to Abraham, even before the foundations of the universe and bore them with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm. Love that pursued and still continues to the end of this age and into the next. But what about me ?

Which brings us to my initial question, “Does God love me as much as He has loved Israel ?”

It brings me such immense joy and an overwhelming sense of conviction, if you’ve ever shared the same question as I, to tell you that HE DOES !

He did the impossible, wondrous and awesome for Israel but for us, all of us, He did the unthinkable, marvellous and unfathomable.

John 3:16

 For God, so loved the world, that, He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in HIm shall have everlasting life. 

We hit the jackpot, so to speak, because God offered up His son for us, redeeming us from both, sin and death, into righteousness and life. We are offered Sonship and the inheritance of the kingdom as a result of that adoption, unlimited grace, mercy and favour and we get to see God face to face (Eph 1& 2).

Imagine willingly giving up  and watching your only child beaten, broken and bleeding so you can save some other child. Man ! That is some serious Love !  and that ‘some-other-child’ is me ! God gave up His son for me, which only provokes me into thinking,” did God love me more than He did Jesus?” and I recall the allegory of the prodigal son.  Scene forn Passion

All we have to do is believe and we will know a love so great that is literally incomprehensible ! The bible says that if we believe in Him then we have died with Him and if we died in Him we also, in Him, live because He is Risen. We are chosen to reign a royal priesthood and a holy people.

I Am Loved. We Are Loved ( click on this link and watch this video)

– Michael Louis


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