One Word Sentence.


One Word Sentence

There is something beyond the senses, the substance of its nature, grafted into the very fabric of its wielder, uniting the spark of its omni-temporal benevolence to the unseeming bewilderment yet perseverance within. Unfathomable mystery of its eternal nature that dumbfounds yet summarises the very substance of existence into the fundamental principles of entirety. Sublime rendition of purpose. A single source, impregnating all existence yet retaining its impregnable nature that brings balance to all in all. It’s very nature is what it’s called by, giving life by rendering its very incorruptible nature into imperfection thereby redeeming it. It’s eternal saturation of the universe and all existence is evident in the very functioning of all life on our shore because by it’s nature, it’s substance, all life is created and exists. In its ocean, we live and move and have our being. By it we are defined and yet our understanding of it hasn’t yet begun. It’s very nature took form to supercede  every notion of our understanding and wielding of the same. Sacrificing it’s eternal purity to make our nature, like itself, pure, attained the highest purity in glory. Subjecting ourselves to this timeless knowledge beyond all knowledge will render us incorruptible. Wonderful epiphany, most divine, breathing itself out on all forever. Love. One word sentence.

One word sentence


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