Every decision you make in Life will affect your destiny in Christ

Every decision you make in Life will affect your destiny in Christ. Our main agenda is not to work for success but to do the will of the father. Nine out of ten I meet in my ministry time are clueless about the plan of God. They come up with the ideas over night that seems so perfectly fitting their life’s time line. I look at it one way that is good to have desires but I see most of it all ending down to personal ambition and is not really about Him.I had a friend who was mightily used by the Lord and was doing all well. He had this habit of comparing himself with others. He received a call from abroad and expressed his desire to go like others did. He left with a promise to see ministry of Christ fulfilled. But later he had backslid spiritually and lost his vision for the Lord. Living in success does not mean we are in the will of God. We need to examine our ambition time to time to see if God is glorified in what we do. Your vision benefits you but His vision benefits Him. Jesus did not live out His vision on people. That’s why he could easily look to father and say- Let your will be done!

Another thing is to have a thankful heart. Jesus thanked God for young boy’s lunch box that was left to feed the 5000! Thanksgiving multiplies the little that you have. The devil wants our focus to be on empty side of Life so that we would be blinded to see the other side- The God side of it. Jesus said to Peter- Cast your net to the “other side”. Jesus always puts your focus back where abundance is. Even now as you reading my devotion!

Here is your question:
Are you after success or doing His will?
Are you deciding your Life based on experiences or based on your calling?
Are you comparing your life with anyone around?
Have you thanked Him today?

Every decision you make

Pastor. Danston John
Red Revival Church.


3 responses to “Every decision you make in Life will affect your destiny in Christ

  1. Pastor I have confusion in my life about in what way I m living & by reading this msg I got answer & my confusion removed.Thanks a lot for help me through this msg.

  2. Brother it is real beautiful… Your inspirational creativity reached to the bottom of my heart…..God bless u….

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